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American Chemical Society/Society of Physics Students Club

Our mission is to provide information and events to the community that foster and encourage a fun scientific environment and to inform and help those seeking a career in the scientific fields. We're a club/group where students and faculty meet and share their love for the sciences.

ACS/SPS is a club for those interested in chemistry and physics. This club is open to all Benedictine students. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join. We have pizza, do good activities, and this club is a great resume builder for any post-undergrad plans! Get ready for some awesome events this year!

In addition, ACS/SPS club may be able to provide helpful information about grad/PhD schools for Chemistry, Physics, and Engineering and can share info about research-based internship programs that enhance your experience as a scientist.

Board Members 2014-2015

President: Dana Cairns
Vice-President: Jona Aliaj
Treasurer: Julian Ochoa
Event Coordinator: Annie White
Public Relations: Amy Klingbiel and Nate Kuhlmann

Faculty Sponsors: Dr. Kari Stone & Dr. Andrew Wig

For additional information, contact the club at:

NEWS: Want to see what we've done? Click here for our news page

Additional Awards:

4/30/15 - The ACS/SPS Club was featured in the April/May 2015 edition of InChemistry Magazine. View the page here. Congratulations to all the members and Dr. Stone and Dr. Wig for their support!

11/26/13 - The SPS Club was recognized as a Distinguished SPS Chapter for 2012-2013 by the Society of Physics Students. This award recognizes the top 20% of SPS Clubs nationally. Congratualtions go to Dr. Dr. Wig and the Chapter for this honor!

11/22/13 - The ACS Club was awarded an Honorable Mention for their 2012-2013 program. The ACS Society Committee on Education selected chapters based on their programs and activities described in their 2012-2013 annual reports. Congratualtions go to Dr. Kari Stone, Rebecca Alvarez, and Sreevidya Bodepudi for their work!

The American Chemical Society (ACS) Student Chapter at Benedictine University has been selected to receive an Honorable Mention award for its activities conducted during the 2012-2013 academic year. Read the letter

National SPS Outstanding Chapter Award for 2008-2009, 2010-11
ACS Certificate of Achievement (Chapter Award) 2009-2010, 2007-2008

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