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Tim Marin
  Department Chair

By mail
Benedictine University
Birck Hall, Room 348
5700 College Road
Lisle, IL 60532


(630) 829-6565

(630) 829-6547

8:00 a.m.- 4:00 p.m



Why choose chemistry as a major?

Chemistry is a central science, bridging boundaries between the physical sciences, mathematical sciences and biological sciences. Scientists with chemistry degrees have:

  • Designed and synthesized materials and polymers
  • Developed and synthesized pharmaceuticals to treat various illnesses and diseases
  • Discovered biological molecules such as DNA and studied molecular interactions in the human body
  • Developed renewable energy sources and other fuels
  • Developed instrumentation for scanning purposes, such as MRIs and PET scans
  • Developed instrumentation for detection purposes, e.g. to detect contaminants in the atmosphere
  • Designed and developed electronic devices and gadgets

How is a chemistry degree from BenU different from one earned anywhere else?

  • The chemistry program at Benedictine has a long history of successful accreditation by the American Chemical Society.
  • Students at Benedictine can choose from three majors:
    • A traditional Chemistry major that is ACS-accredited
    • A Chemistry major with teaching certification
    • A Biochemistry/Molecular Biology (BMB) interdisciplinary major
  • Class sizes are small (not auditorium-sized) and chemistry majors are taught by full-time faculty members with Ph.D. degrees in a variety of chemistry disciplines.
  • Chemistry majors enroll in special lab courses where they get hands-on instrumentation experience starting from their freshman year.
  • The department is located in the Birck Hall of Sciences, with state-of-the-art facilities, modern instrumentation and dedicated support staff.
  • Students get tremendous research opportunities, both on campus as well as off-campus sites like Nalco, BP, Argonne National Laboratory or the DuPage Crime Lab.

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